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Best Crypto Currencies To Invest In Now

Invest in Solid Digital Currencies

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, then you’ll need to know which are the best crypto currencies. The following cryptocurrencies are all worth investing in right now:


Bitcoin is the first crypto currency. It is also the most valuable, popular and stable coin in the market. Because of its high liquidity, you can buy or sell bitcoin at any time unlike other coins that may only be available during certain hours of the day or week. It has security features that no other coin can match.*


Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. In the Ethereum protocol and blockchain there is a price for each operation. The general idea is, in order to have things transferred or executed by the network, you have to consume or burn Gas. The cryptocurrency is called Ether and is used to pay for computation time and transaction fees. If you want to earn block rewards from the network, you can join the network as a miner.

If you want to create your own cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum’s blockchain software, then EthDev (Ethereum Developers) might be useful for you but they are not free! You need to pay around $5000-$6000 per year depending on what features are included in your package deal with this company (this includes bug fixes).

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It was created as a fork of Bitcoin, which is why it has some similarities to it.

Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have a central bank or authority controlling it like traditional money does and this means that no third party can control your Bitcoin Cash or freeze it if they suspect you’ve done something wrong.

Bitcoin Cash was originally made by splitting off from Bitcoin because some people didn’t agree with changes being made by developers of Bitcoin who wanted to increase block size so more transactions could be processed per second but there were other issues such as double spending (sending the same coins twice). These disagreements led these developers breaking away from Bitcoin creating their own version called “Bitcoin ABC” which later became known as “Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision” (BSV), then another group of people broke away again forming “Bitcoin SV” which was later renamed back into BSV again due to trademarking issues surrounding the BCH name being owned by Bitmain Technologies Ltd., ABN 42 066 257 014 Australian Company located at Level 5 L2/10 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


Ripple is a distributed network that supports the exchange of any type of currency, including fiat and digital. The Ripple network has been used by banks to settle international payments for several years now.

The company behind Ripple owns around 60% of total XRP supply which it uses to pay its employees and fund operations. The remainder of its holdings are held by other investors or allocated to charities such as, an initiative that aims to support education in developing countries by funding school construction projects with XRP donations from its investors (you can donate here).

Ripple’s underlying technology is different from Bitcoin’s blockchain because it’s built on a centralized ledger rather than a decentralized one; this means there’s no mining involved in creating new blocks or validating transactions on the network — instead, all ledgers live within one organization’s database system which makes them more efficient than Bitcoin’s method but less secure because there isn’t anyone verifying the integrity of their data against outside threats like hackers seeking access


NEO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency designed to build a scalable network of decentralized applications. It’s the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China.

The NEO token is currently ranked at #13 on the global coin rankings list with a market cap of over $5 billion USD.

NEO’s aim is to create an open network that utilizes digital identity through its smart economy by which users can trade, store or exchange assets without intermediaries such as banks.


Litecoin is the 5th largest crypto currency by market cap, and it’s a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that was released in 2011 by Charlie Lee. It is based on an open source global payment network that is not controlled by any central authority. The system works without a central repository or single administrator, which has led to some problems with its integrity over time (more on that later). Litecoin was actually the first alternative cryptocurrency to be created after bitcoin itself, but it’s often overlooked because it can’t match bitcoin’s popularity or value.


Monero is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote algorithm. Like many of its peers in the crypto market, it’s also a fork of Bytecoin. Monero is based on the CryptoNight algorithm, which means that it’s ASIC resistant.

Monero has a dynamic block size limit and its emission curve is fixed to 18.4 million XMR – with tail emission there will be no additional Monero created after this point.


DashCoin is a cryptocurrency that is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, but it differs from Bitcoin in several ways. For example, DashCoin has a fast transaction speed and low transaction fees. It also has an active community of developers who work together to improve the network and make transactions more secure.

DashCoin was created as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that users can vote on changes to the platform through their Blockchain wallet or by running their own full nodes. There are currently over 100 full nodes run by members around the world who help maintain this decentralized network!


EOS is a blockchain-based decentralized operating system that provides services similar to those of a traditional operating system, including user authentication and cloud storage.

These are some of the most valuable and fastest growing crypto currencies.

If you’re looking to invest in some of the best crypto currencies on the market, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin fork)
  • Ripple (payment network)
  • NEO (Chinese ethereum) 6. Litecoin7. Dashcoin (Darkcoin fork) 8EOS (another ethereum competitor with more advanced smart contracts capabilities and lower fees than Ethereum).


I hope that this article has helped you to learn more about the various types of crypto currencies available today. There are many different types which we have not covered in this article but if there is one thing we can assure you of it is that they will all be around for a long time to come as they become more mainstream in everyday life! With so much potential, it’s only natural that retail investors would want to know which ones are best suited for their needs before making an investment decision…just like any other market.

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