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Everything you need to know about Jason Lei Howden

Jason Lei Howden is a writer and boss arranged in Wellington, New Zealand. He was brought into the world wearing Greymouth, experienced youth in Nelson and focused on film in Wellington.
He is known for crazy, past ridiculous loathsomeness and action spoof, but works in various orders also.

His most essential component Deathgasm appeared at South by South West in 2015 and played in excess of 50 overall film festivities. It assembled different distinctions including swarm choice awards, Best Boss at the Knoxville Violence film Festivity, Best Film at Toronto Into the night, and Best Part Screenplay from the New Zealand Columnists Association.

BLOODNUT on Twitter: "This is Jason Lei Howden (Director of Deathgasm & Guns Akimbo) and his boy in their matching metal attire. His boy in particular has impeccable taste *coughs*" /

Howden was raised in Greymouth, New Zealand. He left optional school at age 17 and started his work as a television cameraman and editor at a local Station in Nelson. He began his organizing occupation with his short film Machine in 2005. Howden formed and facilitated his show feature Deathgasm in 2014. The film won a couple of respects at Toronto After Dull Film Festivity and other overall film festivities.

Some place in the scope of 2017 and 2018, Howden formed the component film Guns Akimbo, and a variety of PC game Dead Island. In 2019, he composed Guns Akimbo, highlighting Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Twisting around, which appeared at the Toronto Overall Film Festivity on 9 September 2019. The film was conveyed in New Zealand on 5 Walk 2020 by Lunatic Redirection.

In September 2022, Howden was set to organize a change of Monsters of Metal, considering the comics he had created with Llexi Leon. The boss was in like manner joined as a co-writer close by Leon.

Beginning around 2001, Howden has been filling in as a unique representations specialist on films. He has worked on improved representations in a couple of Hollywood movies,
In 2018, Jason created the component film change of Dead Island, the hit zombie PC game by Significant Silver and has actually finished a substance for Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon.

His resulting part, Guns Akimbo highlighting Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Twisting around appeared at the 2019 Toronto Worldwide Film Festivity and was conveyed in 2020 and 2021.

Jason is similarly a VFX expert and has worked at Weta Electronic, Iloura, Technique Studios and Park Road Post. His VFX credits consolidate The Equity contenders, Prometheus, The Hobbit Set of three, The Unique Gatsby, The Wolverine, Man of Steel and Skirmish of the Planet of the Gorillas.

Guns Akimbo is a 2020 movement spoof film created and facilitated by Jason Lei Howden. It stars Daniel Radcliffe, Samara Twisting around, Ned Dennehy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Grant Bowler, Edwin Wright, Rhys Darby, Milo Cawthorne, Richard Knowles, and Engraving Rowley.

The film had its existence debut at the 2019 Toronto Overall Film Festivity and was conveyed in New Zealand on 5 Walk 2020 by Insane individual Redirection. On account of the Covid pandemic closing auditoriums all over the planet, the film opened up cautiously on-demand under three weeks after it was conveyed emphatically.

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