It was November of this year.

A man named Justin was looking to buy a condo on the beach in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and wanted to make a deal with a potential buyer.

He didn’t know who that person was, but he knew they were from a crapton.

Justin wanted a condo for $600,000 and a new car for $1.8 million.

He knew he was being offered the best deal on the block.

It wasn’t that the deal was too good.

The condo was on a quiet stretch of the island’s north coast, and Justin had just moved to the area with his wife.

But that’s not the way it was going to end.

He would have to pay $600K, a condo that he had bought two years earlier for $700,000.

But he was going through an awful lot at the time.

Justin was on the mend after battling liver cancer.

He was on anti-depressants and taking his meds regularly, but still needed to go through a liver transplant procedure to save his life.

It was an expensive operation that was far too risky.

But Justin had a good deal on his mind.

“My wife had a job at a hospital that had been shut down because of the hurricane,” he told

Justin said he had been told by a doctor that he was getting an eight-year life extension for the surgery, which was expected to cost $3.2 million.

“I was really excited.

I had just done the transplant myself.

I didn’t want to miss it.

I thought I was going in the best shape I could possibly be.”

The surgery was going smoothly, but Justin said the waiting time was “very, very long”.

When the surgery was finished, Justin’s health started to deteriorate.

He said the doctors told him he had a “cure” to the disease, and that he could have his liver transplanted again if he wanted.

He also said the operation would cost $800,000 more than the original $600k.

Justin’s wife, a single mother of two young children, couldn’t make it to the hospital because of a work travel problem.

He told News 7 that the hospital staff were “extremely rude” to him, and even called his wife a “shitty bitch”.

Justin said they were also “very disrespectful” to his wife and their children.

The surgery wasn’t completed until January.

“It was going very well, but then the waiters came over and said ‘you can’t be here,’ and they were very rude,” Justin said.

“They just looked at me like I was an idiot, and they started laughing.”

Justin said that after waiting for six months, his wife had finally been able to leave, but her three children were still in the house.

“All of my kids were in the room crying,” he said.

Justin, who has been diagnosed with liver cancer and liver failure, was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

He says he was also given a kidney transplant but it was denied, and he was left with only $100.

“As I was looking at the picture of my liver, I said, ‘why are they giving me this kidney?’

I said that I’m not going to be able to afford it,” Justin told News7.

“And they just laughed.”

Justin was given the kidney and a kidney by a local transplant surgeon, and was told the transplant would cost around $1 million.

It took more than six months for the transplant to be approved.

The doctors who approved the transplant told Justin they were concerned that Justin might need a liver, but it wasn’t their job to make that decision.

Justin says they were not even aware of his type 1 diabetes until after he received his transplant.

Justin had already undergone a liver scan and had been given a urine test to check for any possible hepatitis or blood alcohol level.

But when he came home, Justin said his wife was nowhere to be found.

“She was just gone,” Justin recalled.

“The whole family had gone to work, I had two jobs, and my kids went to school.”

Justin says his wife took a call from her doctor on January 15th, the day before the transplant.

“That was the day I lost my wife,” he says.

Justin told his wife he was sorry, and she said she would be coming to visit him.

Justin did have a good reason to come to the island.

He had been diagnosed three weeks before with liver failure and he had just undergone a kidney replacement, which meant he would be living in the hospital for another month.

“So I was like, ‘okay, I need to make this happen.’

And so I was at home with my kids.

I went to the doctor, and I was diagnosed with type 1, and we were going to have to get

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