By now, you’ve probably heard about the Puerto Rico Tourism Association’s announcement of its plans to phase out the island’s official tourist bureau.

The agency said its decision was made after several months of negotiations with tourism associations and the island government.

The decision is a blow to tourists, many of whom are trying to make a living in Puerto Ricos tourism industry, but also for the island itself.

“We feel like we’re in a different situation,” said Carlos Barrio, a tourist who was visiting the resort town of Puerto San Antonio.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to work in tourism, and I’m sure many people have similar feelings.”

The tourism association said it’s also considering eliminating the agency’s work-for-free program that allows people to work at hotels for free, and canceling the agency that oversees Puerto Rico’s economy.

In response, the tourism association has started collecting signatures to force the island to recognize the agency and cancel the decision.

“Our goal is to end the relationship with tourism and establish an agency of our own,” said Luis Sanchez, director of the agency.

Tourism officials said they will not stop doing work in the tourism industry.

“This is a business decision, it’s a decision of the island and not of us,” said Jose Cárdenas, the head of the tourism bureau.

“You have to be able to make your own decisions and make the best decision for the country.”

But for some of the people who work at the agency, it has been a long and arduous process.

They say the tourism agency is taking away the power of the government to regulate and govern Puerto Rico, and they’re worried that it’s forcing them to pay rent for years, or even decades.

“If it’s so easy to have fun, why not take it away?” said Antonio González, who works at the tourism office in Puerto San Francisco.

“The tourism bureau is the government.

This agency is just an extension of the president.

This is not the way to run a business.”

Luis said he is worried the agency will take away his vacation time and money to pay for the agency to stay open and to pay the bills.

And for the families of those who have been working there for years and who are worried that their children may never make it to school, the agency has also been very accommodating.

“There are some people that are worried about the children because they don’t understand that these people are still employed and they don,t get paid,” he said.

The tourism office said it will be looking into ways to keep the agency open and that it will take back some of its contracts with the island, including one that allows for vacation packages.

The announcement came as Puerto Rico celebrated the opening of the Caribbean Sea cruise ship, the Carnival Triumph, and other events.

The island’s tourism agency has said it would start accepting tourists from the Caribbean on April 15.

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