The word “fried” is commonly associated with the frying of the food, but what if the fried food you eat is actually a rice bun?

It sounds like a simple idea, right?

But it’s actually one that is often difficult to explain, because the bun is a huge part of a meal, and the bun itself is one of the few food items you will find in the whole of Australia that you can actually make at home, even if you are a little bit of a novice.

What you will need to get started The first thing you will want to do is prepare a batter.

You will need flour, sugar, salt, oil, egg, water and a few other ingredients.

In this recipe, I’ve used brown rice flour, but you can also use rice starch, rice meal, rice flour or all-purpose flour, as well as a few of your favourite grains and starches.

You can also mix in a little extra water to make it more like a muffin or pastry, if you want.

I’ve also included the extra water for extra flavour, so it’ll be nice and thick.

You’ll need about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of batter, and about 1 tbsp of water.

You could also use a cake mix instead of flour, although I’d still suggest a flour batter because it’s lighter, and more flexible.

I recommend using a pastry blender to make the batter, which is easier to work with, and also makes the bun easier to flip, too.

I also use my fingers to press the batter into the bun when you press the back or sides of the bun, so I get more control over the size.

You may need to make a few adjustments to the batter for your bun, but it will be fine once it’s done.

Next you’ll want to mix the batter in a bowl or pan.

For the rice flour batter, I like to add a little more flour to the bowl to make things a little easier.

I usually use a spoon or a pastry brush to press it into the batter.

If you prefer, you can use a food processor.

If not, you could always use your hands.

I have also found that a food mixer works well, but not ideal for mixing rice flour into a batter, because it takes a while for the batter to heat up, so you need to be quick.

If that’s a problem for you, you will also need a small bowl, but if you don’t have one, you might be able to get away with using a bowl filled with water.

After you have the batter mixed, you need a spatula to work it in.

I use a knife, but any kitchen utensil will work just fine.

You want to get the batter evenly spread across the bun.

If there is more than a little space between the batter and the side of the Bun, that’s OK, because this will allow the batter some air to move around, and give it more time to cook.

I like using a knife to cut the batter very carefully, so that I don’t cut myself.

You should also press down on the Bun with your hands to make sure there’s enough batter to cover the entire Bun.

It’s important to make certain you don’ t have any large bubbles.

Once you have done that, flip the Bun and let it cook for a couple of minutes.

This will help it to cook evenly.

This is also the time to stir in any extra water that you’ve added to the mix, because you don’,t want the batter becoming too runny.

You won’t have to worry about bubbles when you flip the bun again, as it will cook for another couple of seconds.

If it’s still not done, flip it again, and it will still be nice brown.

Once it’s finished cooking, it’s time to cut into the Bun.

If your Bun isn’t big enough to cut through with a knife or a fork, you may need a fork.

I don’ m going to lie and say that it’s the best way to cut rice flour rice, but the Bun will still cook nicely without it.

The next step is to transfer the batter from the Bun into a large bowl, or pan, with a small spatula or spoon.

You might have to add some water to the pan, depending on the size of your Bun.

Once the Bun is ready, you should start pouring the batter on top of the Rice Flour Bun.

You don’t need to pour the batter onto the Bun; it’ll cook naturally.

Once this is done, you’ll need to remove the Bun from the pan.

You also want to stir the batter through the Bun when it’s cooking, so as not to burn the Bun too much.

When the Bun’s done, it should look something like this: Now that you have rice flour cooked rice, you are ready to enjoy it. You really

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