A quick trip to Costco, Walmart, or any of the other major food retailers is worth the price of a couple of cans of chicken rice and a can of chickpeas.

But there are a couple more items that can be made for a fraction of the price.

Here are five things you can do with your own food in the Philippines.


Make rice balls The first thing you need to make is rice balls.

Rice balls are just rice balls coated with oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.

They’re easy to prepare and are great for lunch, as well as breakfast.

You can make them with either white rice or white rice and rice flour.

Just be sure to use chicken instead of pork.


Make chicken salad This salad is a favorite of Filipinos.

It’s a mix of sweet and savory vegetables, with lots of meat.

It can be prepared in a wide variety of ways, such as salad dressing, salad dressing with fish sauce, or even a simple soup with vegetables and fish.

You’ll find more than just chicken and vegetable salad options at the local market, too.


Make shrimp and chicken rice This rice and shrimp recipe is an easy and tasty way to make chicken salad.

Start with a small amount of rice, a tablespoon of oil, and a handful of shrimp.

Then add a few pieces of fish, some vegetables, and salt and a little pepper.

Serve this with a salad of vegetables and shrimp.


Make chickpea rice or rice pasta The last thing you want to do with rice is throw it away.

You may have noticed that rice noodles and rice pasta are often the first things to go when you make chicken and rice salads, and that’s because they’re usually made with rice noodles.

However, there are other options for making rice noodles as well.

If you can find them, you can cook them with a little water and then add a little more water to make them softer.

Try cooking rice noodles with olive oil instead of water.

Then you can add the ingredients to a bowl and let it cook until it’s soft.


Make homemade chicken rice or chicken salad rice or noodles can also be used for chicken or rice dishes.

This rice is usually cooked in a pressure cooker or stovetop.

In this recipe, you use chicken stock and a mixture of chicken stock, olive oil, soy sauce, and some salt.

You make the salad by making the rice noodles, then adding the chicken stock in the same way.

You heat up the chicken to the right temperature and then make a salad.

Try making chicken and pasta with rice and chicken stock or noodles, too, to create even more delicious meals.

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