New South Welsh Labor has revealed it is considering a proposal to sell sugar in the state.

Key points:The sugar levy would be introduced for people aged between 16 and 65 and for those aged over 65The price will range from $2.70 to $2,500 a yearThe sugar price is likely to increase if it passes the AssemblyThe sugar and rice levy is being proposed by the State Government and will apply to sweet and savoury foods.

The measure will be introduced on January 1 next year and would be subject to a three-month review.

It will be paid by the consumer, with a sugar levy set at $2 per 100g.

The State Government will be responsible for determining the level of sugar levy, which will be determined by a sugar expert panel.

It is believed the sugar levy will be lower for older people and the Government will seek to ensure the tax does not go beyond what the Government says is needed.

Ms Genter said the sugar tax was an example of the State being a “local leader in innovation and making it a reality”.

“We want to be a regional leader, not a global leader,” she said.

“If we do that, we can achieve the best results for the region and the best outcomes for people in South Australia.”

The sugar tax is an example that shows how much of a regional powerhouse we are.

“The sugar bill would be paid for by taxing the price of all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in South Australian towns and cities, with the state having a duty of 10 per cent on imported sugar-containing products.

Under the proposal, the sugar and salt levy would apply to any sugar product that is “not subject to the sugar excise duty”.”

If a consumer buys a sugar-based beverage, it is expected to be consumed in the same manner as any other sugar-drinker,” Ms Genter wrote in a press release.”

It is the sugar content that matters, not the amount of sugar in it.

“In addition to the sweet and the savouries, the proposed sugar levy includes sweet rice, sweet potatoes, white rice and honey, along with fruit juices, tea and coffee.

The proposal will be voted on by the state’s Senate on Monday.

In January 2020, the State government announced it would raise the sugar rate to 20 cents per 100grams, with another 10 per 100 grams for sweet and sweet-savoury drinks.

The sugar rate would increase to 20.5 cents per 200g if it passed the Legislative Assembly in December.

The proposed sugar tax will be charged on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mr Dickson said the proposal was a welcome development for South Australia, but would be a “significant undertaking”.”

That’s why we have the new levy, because we know it’s not going to be good enough.””

It won’t be the same as the sugar bill, it will still be a lot higher than what we would like to see.”

That’s why we have the new levy, because we know it’s not going to be good enough.

“Ms Gentry said the tax would be targeted at the sweet industry.”

We need to be able to target it to a sector that is growing,” she explained.”

Because that sector is going to benefit from this.

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