Which Indian curry rice recipe is dirty, disgusting, or both?

By Nandan Nilekani and James O’BrienPublished: December 21, 2018 07:23:10When I was a child growing up in the 1970s, curry rice was a must-have dish for Indian families.The curry rice served at my grandparents’ house was delicious, but not much else.While I was in my teens, I made a few batches of homemade curry rice […]

China launches its rice market to help fight floods and flood risks

China has launched a market in its glutinous rice to help flood-prone farmers avoid the risks of drought.The Chinese government says the glutinous grain can be made into a ready-to-eat food item and sold to farmers in China’s flood-stricken regions.It is the latest sign of the rapid rise of China’s rice market and the global […]

How to make rice vinegar with chicken and rice

Posted November 10, 2018 04:00:00I’ve been making rice vinegar for quite some time now, and it’s a great alternative to a lot of other sweeteners.It’s actually a very simple process.The only ingredients are rice, sugar, water, and salt.And that’s it.There’s no other step.The vinegar is then filtered and distilled to get a very low-sugar, high-flavor, […]

How to build your own Craigslist puerto Rican rice cooker

Posted by Hacker News | Date: 04 December 2017 15:23:58The post-apocalyptic landscape of Cuba, and the many other places that are currently suffering, has been transformed into a place where everyone, no matter where you live, can be a part of something great.There are many new places to check out and places to experience, but […]

U.S. rice producers grow more than usual in 2018

The U.N. World Food Programme has warned that global rice production could grow another 7.3 million tonnes this year, despite drought-related crop failures in Brazil, India and the Middle East.Agricultural production in the United States rose 7.4 million tonnes, or 0.6 per cent, to 7.2 million tonnes.That is the biggest jump in two years, according […]

When Rico Hannah Montana was a girl, she was always loved by her father

When Rica Hannah Montano was a child, her father was a doctor.Today, he is a successful businessman.When Rico Montana is a teenager, she never thought about marrying her father.Instead, she started her own business, Rico Hannah Montanas Fine Jewelry, and she married her first husband, Cristian Montana.“I always thought about my father as my mentor.I […]

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