Why Puerto Rico is having to get serious about rice: How Rice is Making the Economy Grow

Rice, as the world’s most important food crop, is important because it helps sustain people.As a key part of the food chain, it is a key source of energy, which helps sustain our lives.And in Puerto Rico, we are producing a third of the rice needed by the island, making rice a key contributor to […]

The world’s first rice field test – a story of rice’s rise to global prominence

Rice, the world’s most widely grown grain, has become a global icon.Its popularity has risen to the point that, as of January 2018, more than 100 countries are producing it for the domestic market, according to the US government’s Agricultural Marketing Service.It is the world supply for almost all of the world foodstuffs market, and […]

What are the best rice fields in Asia?

By Mark Wilson, Sportsmail EditorWe’ve seen a huge increase in the number of rice fields across Asia over the past few years, and the number is rising quickly.However, some fields in particular stand out from the rest, and there are some special qualities to be admired in rice fields.These include the size of the fields, […]

How to tell if you’re on the right path with this video series

“The rice field” is one of those words that seems to conjure up images of a barren field.There are the rows of rice paddies, and there’s the empty spaces.But for most people in the world, it’s an image of a world without rice.It’s a stereotype, to be sure, but a stereotype nonetheless.In fact, rice farming […]

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