The cost per capita in Costa Rican hotels has increased by almost 2,000 percent since 2008, the latest figures show.

The country’s economy, which has been in recession for more than a decade, has experienced a steep rise in hotel rooms as people seek cheaper alternatives to staying in cities.

This year alone, the number of hotel rooms per capita rose by 9,000 per cent.

Costa Rica’s government has launched a tourism promotion campaign to convince visitors to stay at its hotels and resorts.

However, as the country’s tourism sector has struggled, many locals and tourists have been moving elsewhere, including to other Caribbean countries like Barbados and the Bahamas. 

The number of rooms booked per day is still well below the level that existed a decade ago, but the growth rate has accelerated since 2008.

The increase in rooms per person was the highest among all the Caribbean countries, according to the statistics agency CIRI.

Costa Rican tourism has risen by over 60 percent since 2010, reaching the level of $2.6 billion. 

This is the second consecutive year Costa Rica has been ranked in the top 10 destinations in the world for tourism, after Mexico. 

While the country is experiencing a slight decline in the number and percentage of people staying in the country, its economy is still growing.

Costa Ricans are looking to the Caribbean to escape the recession and continue their travels.

Costa Rico has become the second most popular destination for Caribbean travelers to Costa Rica, according the World Tourism Organization.

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