How to tell if you’re on the right path with this video series

“The rice field” is one of those words that seems to conjure up images of a barren field.There are the rows of rice paddies, and there’s the empty spaces.But for most people in the world, it’s an image of a world without rice.It’s a stereotype, to be sure, but a stereotype nonetheless.In fact, rice farming […]

Which hotel in Costa Rica is best for a seafood taco?

In a country that has been experiencing an unprecedented amount of sea-level rise, a new hotel is the perfect solution to save the island’s fish from extinction.Costa Rica’s government recently launched a tender bid for a hotel that could become a major tourist attraction.It is seeking to attract 10,000 guests per day during the construction […]


On Saturday, the Royal Oklahoma Hotel & Casino in Oklahoma City announced that the Royals will be invited to join the team for an exhibition game on July 23.The hotel and casino have a history with the Royals, as the team first hosted them in the 1920s.The Royals are not the only Major League Baseball […]

Mexican drug cartels pay cash to get rid of cash, pills and guns in Mexico

ROME — A U.S. investigation has uncovered drug traffickers who have paid cash to bribe government officials to have the proceeds of drug-trafficking operations buried in landfills, according to an internal U.N. report.The U.K.-based watchdog group Oxfam said the report on Mexico, which was released Tuesday, is the first to reveal how corrupt officials in […]

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