The rice bowl: The real reason rice is a staple

Rice bowls, as a whole, are a staple food in many parts of the world.But while most people eat rice bowls, they don’t always get to eat it the right way.We are in a time of rising global temperatures, food shortages, and other issues that could make rice bowls a staple for millions of people.Rice […]

How to get your potatoes ricer ready for next winter

The time of year is here to greet your new potatoes.It is now or never to prepare for a snowy winter.You have several options to make sure your potatoes have been properly rinsed.Potato ricers are a great way to prepare potatoes for next season.These little knives make the process so much easier.I have made potatoes […]

How to eat white rice with eggs fried rice

This recipe uses white rice and eggs fried with spices to give it a spicy kick, plus some sweet and tangy toppings.If you can’t find white rice in the supermarket, you can substitute with yellow rice.I’ve also found that the white rice doesn’t need much of a stir-fry.You can do it in a slow cooker […]

How to make rice porridge recipe from scratch – Rice noodles recipe

With the last major earthquake on the East Coast, Puerto Rico, RicePans and other restaurants across the country are scrambling to stock up on food.But there’s one rice porricent recipe that may be difficult to find, and a number of recipes online are no longer available.The Globe and Mail’s own recipe for rice porridges came […]

Woman charged in porn trafficking death of porn star

A 27-year-old woman has been charged with one count of possession of child pornography and one count each of distribution of child porn and trafficking in a controlled substance.A criminal complaint filed in a federal court in Miami on Monday said Amber Lee Anderson was arrested in May on charges including trafficking in child pornography.Amber […]

How to make Puerto Rico’s Egg Fried Rice with a little Puerto Rican flair

The island of Puerto Rico is the most populated U.S. territory in the world, but there’s a lot of misinformation floating around about its population.The United States Census Bureau has released a map of Puerto Ricans’ population that includes just a handful of places.The map’s population data is based on census tracts, which cover areas […]

How to make your own chicken rice, chicken salad, and more: Costar’s Chicken Salad and Rice

A quick trip to Costco, Walmart, or any of the other major food retailers is worth the price of a couple of cans of chicken rice and a can of chickpeas.But there are a couple more items that can be made for a fraction of the price.Here are five things you can do with your […]

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