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Vert-Shock Review | What is Vert-Shock?

Vert-Shock is the top jump program on the planet and the only three-step, tested jump program that adds minimum 9 to 15 more inches on your vertical leap in as little as 8 weeks.

Try it now… ( To buy Vert-Shock or if you still have questions and need to chat online, click the link and go to ) They answer all your questions in the site’s online chat.

It’s a computerized system that doesn’t have you perform a variety of stretches or procedure to add a few inches on your height.

Instead, it is focused on specific exercises and methods similar to those used by professional athletes to make quick, explosive leaps.

The system is completely safe and has been created to work for everyone regardless of age, height or genetics, as well as athletic abilities. If you’re looking to make some great jumps, here’s the kind of thing you can get from the world’s top jump training program.

What is Vert-Shock?

Imagine getting one-on-one instruction with the top dunker. He has also broken numerous high jump records. This is a professional basketball player who worked with the top trainers in the world. This is exactly what you will get from Vert-Shock just in digital format.

The online instruction is offered through Adam Folker Professional basketball player and trainer and the training is infused with techniques utilized by Adam and the best dunker of all time, Justin “Just Fly” Darlington.

What exactly does this training actually consist of?

This system is comprehensive and provides you with the tools and training methods, charts tracksers, and the information needed to boost your vertical jump and also to master the art of hit some slam Dunks.

You will receive videos as well as tips and more. Most importantly the information you receive is from Vert-Shock has been shown to add 9 to 15 inches in your vertical leap within as little as eight weeks.

The program is centered on a three-phase approach which is focused on your fast twitch fibres that are Type 2B fibers responsible for creating the quick leaps and jumps that you’ve seen from the pro athletes.

The greatest part? If you’ve got an internet connection or a device with a computer (which is the case since you’re reading this) then you’ll are able to access the software regardless of where and when you’re. Vert-Shock is completely online, which means that instead of waiting for delivery, you get instant access once you buy.

You can then download the application onto your laptop, computer or tablet, or connect to it via the internet – just ensure you save the login page to ensure you don’t forget to remember it. Also, you’re able to access the workout videos, three-phase processes and so on anywhere and whenever you want to.

Furthermore this program is sure to improve your skills from the bottom of the rim all until at the very top after you hit a brutal Dunk. The program comes with an 60-day Money Back guarantee that gives you two months to test the program and improve your vertical leap above the limits of what you thought was feasible.

When you consider that you could increase at least 9 to 15 inches to your vertical leap in just 8 weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to see the results before the time for a guarantee expires. If you’ve learned how to put the ball down There’s no reason to ever want to reverse returning to being just lower than the edge.

Overview of Vert-Shock

Vert-Shock is a complete program that gives you expert instruction and techniques which focus on your fast twitch fibers which are the same fibers that permit explosive leaps.

The program provides step-by step instructions, workout videos, tons of incredible information, charts, vertical jump trackers and basically everything you require to move your game from the sidelines to throwing down a few Dunks. Don’t believe me for it. Here’s a glimpse of the concepts and techniques taught in the course:

    1. Overview
    2. Vert Shock of the Month + Monthly Giveaway
    3. How to Read the Workouts
      1. Why Vert Shock Works
    4. Quick Start Guide
      1. Step 1: Measure Your Current Vertical Jump (every 4 weeks)
      2. Step 2: Learn The Movements
      3. Step 3: Get Started
      4. Do your exercises on a moderately soft surface
      5. Do not train when you are hurt
      6. Consult a physician before starting
      7. Always complete your Dynamic warm up
      8. Take the prescribed rest
    5. Pre-Shock Phase
      1. Video
      2. Tips
    6. Shock Phase
      1. Video
      2. Tips
    7. Post-Shock Phase
      1. Video
      2. Tips
    8. Visualization
      1. The Workout
    9. Vert Tracker
    10. Maintenance Program
    11. Complex Training Techniques
      1. Testing Your Vertical Jump + Chart
      2. Vertical Jump 2-Day Regime
    12. Exercise Videos

Additionally, you will receive bonuses absolutely for free, which can further enhance your knowledge and your vertical leap routine, which include:

    • Bonus: 4 Vertical Jump Killers
    • Bonus: 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher
    • Bonus: Jumpers Diet Checklist
    • Bonus: Instant Jump Hacks eBook
    • Bonus: The Power Leak Fix for Overnight Hops
    • Bonus: Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed
    • Bonus: The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher

About the Developer:

Justin “Just Fly” Darlington and Adam Folker are the creators of Vert-Shock. You’ve probably heard of them because Justin was named the top dunker worldwide on numerous occasions, and has broken numerous records in high jumps and has trained NBA players to increase their vertical jumps.

Adam Folker played professional basketball with the University of California and now is working alongside some of the most renowned trainers in the world as an official Strength and Conditioning Specialist at the National Strength and Conditioning Association.



  • 100% self-learning There is no need to require any trainers or experts to assist you in the plan.
  • Jumping is all the rage! It is focused on only this. It is not a technical training but a straightforward program that can aid you in leaping higherusing the most effective technique you can.
  • It is simple for you to learn. The majority of programs fail because they do not consider helping you adhere to the program. This program comes with community accountability as well as trackers and emails to assist you stay on track. Additionally, the benefits can be easily measured.
  • Amazing video examples The HD videos offer exact explanations and images of each move. Additionally, they can be played at a slower speed which allows you to completely capture every single frame of the exercises.
  • Community support There is a private member area where you can communicate with other athletes similar to you, who are working to increase their vertical leaps. This gives you an additional opportunity to ask questions regarding the program and get it answered by a fellow participant.


  • It is a discipline-based system. You must be committed and completely committed if you want to get through the entire program until the finish.
  • Most of the time, it is for beginners This product might not be particularly beneficial to those with a vertical jump of 40″ or more.


Vert-Shock is the top jump training program in the world I can understand the reason. It’s an extensive system that will teach you specific techniques to focus on the specific muscles of your body involved in explosive leaps as well as your fast twitch muscles.

It’s easy to comprehend and complete but don’t make any assumptions that you must do the work in order to see improvements. With this method, at least you’ll put in the effort in areas that have been tested to meet your goals. These include, naturally the ability to increase your vertical leap as well as hit some serious dunks.

The program is made to suit everyone, of regardless of height, age, any level of ability and fitness level. So, no matter what you are, you’ll be able to improve your performance above the edge. Plus, you have two months to play with the 60-day money Return Guarantee.

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