In a country that has been experiencing an unprecedented amount of sea-level rise, a new hotel is the perfect solution to save the island’s fish from extinction.

Costa Rica’s government recently launched a tender bid for a hotel that could become a major tourist attraction.

It is seeking to attract 10,000 guests per day during the construction phase and to offer guests a “dramatic change of atmosphere”, the Costa Rican Daily News reports.

The proposed hotel, which will be built in Costa Rican waters, will offer guests access to the “waters of the Caribbean Sea”, according to a government statement.

“The building of this hotel will transform Costa Rica’s tourism sector from tourism to tourism and will give its inhabitants a unique experience,” the statement said.

In addition to the hotel, the government is also aiming to offer visitors a chance to meet local animals.

Visitors will be able to take in the natural beauty of Costa Rica, the news reports.

“A huge part of our culture is animal tourism,” said Costa Rican tourism official Jose Carlos Sánchez.

“It’s not just about the animals, it’s about the people and it’s also about the environment.

We are really looking forward to this hotel.”

Costa Rica already has several attractions that cater to the country’s growing tourist industry, including its National Museum, which holds more than 30,000 objects from the Caribbean and is home to an array of cultural treasures.

But the new hotel will offer visitors something new and exciting.

The Costa Rican government has been hoping to attract more visitors to the island by building a hotel in its waters.

Costa Rica will host about 10,500 tourists in 2017.

The government hopes that the hotel will attract more tourists and bring the country closer to its goal of having a tourism industry worth $100 billion by 2022.

The new hotel, however, will only cater to guests with a visa from Costa Rica.

Costa Rican authorities are also working on an international version of the hotel.

The company that is designing the hotel is planning to open a second hotel in the United States, but this is not expected to be completed until 2019.

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